Yellow Bird on Nürburgring

N° 4

 M. Van Eesbeeck

PORSCHE 911 au Nürburgring – Nous sommes bien sur tous de remarquables pilotes au HVCB – Néanmoins ce court film tourné en 1987 pourrait peut-être vous donner quelques idées pour améliorer ‘marginalement’ votre pilotage…

1987 Ruf CTR Yellowbird

Supercars don’t generally do subtle but apart from the paintjob, some de-seaming and the low drag single side mirror, there is little to distinguish the Ruf CTR from a regular non-turbo Porsche 911 of the era. However, watch the company’s film Faszination on the Nürburgring featuring Stefan Roser absolutely driving the Speedline alloys off a CTR at the Green Hell in 1989 (where it held the unofficial lap record for years) and it’s pretty obvious this is no standard Carrera.

The CTR’s bodywork was mostly replaced with aluminium panels to lower weight and de-guttered for better airflow. The standard flat-six was bored out to 3.4-litres, gained a Porsche 962 ignition set-up and two turbochargers, bringing power up to a very conservatively estimated 463hp. Anecdotally it was the chirping of the blow-off valve which gave the car its nickname. A 0-60mph time of well under four seconds matched the Porsche 959 but the CTR was faster at 213mph, making it the fastest car in the world for a time.

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